Q&A with Kendall Henderson

Four-year varsity athlete on the girls soccer team talks about her time in the program


photo by Jordin Baker

Q: What has been your favorite part?

A: “I honestly don’t know I loved all of it even the sprints we have to do and the losses were just good for me I guess.”


Q: What was it like to be a freshman on varsity?

A: “It was kinda weird cause everyone was older than me and it took some getting used to because everyone was bigger than me and it was a lot faster than I was used to.”


Q: Did the new head coach Nicole Duncan change a lot of things when she started?

A: “Yeah we were a lot more focused during practice and in previous years we kinda got off track and didn’t really work hard but she brought in the mentality of ‘you gotta work hard if you want to get better.’”


Q: Do you thnik the growth has been positive?

A: “Yes, especially in the past two years. My freshman year was very rough, sophomore year we did make it to the sectional championship but fell short in that game. Last year was kinda rebuilding and this year I think it’s gonna be a lot better.” 


Q: Any tips for younger players?
A: “Enjoy every moment of it because I definitely freshman through junior year took a lot of stuff for granted and now I’m wishing I could go back and do some of it again.”