Guidance moves to its permanent home


Caleb Carrasquillo

The newly renovated Guidance office. Compared to before construction, the Guidance office is now where the Main office was and vice versa.

Trinity Cline-Smith, News Reporter

Right inside the front door of SHS lies a diverged path. One side points towards the Main Office, and the other towards Guidance.

Recently, their locations have been switched as to make it more simple for visitors and students to get through the building with ease. The Main Office is now connected to both the Athletic Office and Student Services. In the past, visitors had to be given directions to Student Services, which was down the hall and to the right, according to Mrs. Julie Fierce, Guidance Director here at SHS. Fierce also says that the new space makes it easier for students to find their counselor.

“We have one side where all of the counselors are on the same side, which is convenient for the kids, because then they know where we are,” Fierce said.

Fierce describes the new Guidance office as being “fabulous” and very organized. There is now a conference room that the Guidance staff has never had before, which makes it easier for large groups to have meetings with the counselors. There is also a testing room that is very secure, according to Fierce. No one can get in or out except administrators. In addition, there is a lot of desk room for parents to fill out paperwork, as opposed to the old area, where parents had to work on their laps.

Senior Morgan Ray has recently been to the new Guidance office since it moved. She says that she thinks that it is clearer on the locations of where the counselors’ offices are, and that there is more space for the office than there used to be.

“(The new Guidance office) is very renovated and very modern looking. I think it looks great!” Ray said.

Fierce also says that because they have all of the counselors on one side of the hall, they can all communicate a little bit better. In the old space, the counselors were all over the place, so it was difficult to talk to each other, according to Fierce. Now, they can just yell across the hall if they need something.