‘A subculture of kids’

Anime Club returns to SHS after a break last semester

The love for Anime has been a growing trend for the last couple of years at SHS. As a result, a club was formed. This was a place where people who didn’t have a team or big groups of friends found their home in the walls of English teacher Rico Gonzalez’s classroom. Though it took a break last semester, the Anime Club is back with plans to be better than ever.

“With Anime club, this is a subculture of kids. Some of these kids don’t do much socially. The more people find out about it and that it’s here, the more people are showing interest in it.” Gonzalez said.

The leader of Anime Club, sophomore Macey Lukas, says she wanted to share her interest with her peers and is excited about its return.

“(I wanted to bring it back) because of the experience of last year, and I had a little fun with it,” Lukas said

Both Gonzalez and Lukas say one of the changes now implemented is the “A-Z of anime,” in which club members debate what is the best anime starting with each letter of the alphabet. They hope to make this into a podcast as well, allowing for open discussion and debate among the students. 

The club does a lot more than just what the name suggests. It also does virtual reality, Dungeons and Dragons, board games and video games. The members are also planning on doing a comic strip and are now looking for artists.

Meetings are on Monday and last until 3 p.m in room 150.

“It was birthed from everything,” Gonzalez said.  “Anime Club is just the short name for it.”