On the rise

The SHS girls’ swim team reflects on the success of the past two seasons and looks forward to next year


Kelsey Jones

Senior Megan Frank competes in a 500 relay on Jan. 16.

The 200 Free, 200 Individual medley, 500 Free, 100 Backstroke, 200 Medley Relay and the 200 Freestyle Relay are all the school swimming records the girls’ swim team have broken in the last two years. According to the head coach Matt Jefferies, this is only the beginning.

As the state tournament comes to an end, the Lady Cards reflect back on a year full of winning, improvements and broken records. With many girls returning for the 2020-2021 season, the Lady Cards are expecting to be even better than before.

“The swim team has all bonded a lot more this year and all of that goes into being more of a team,” sophomore Caroline Reinke said.

According to Reinke, breaking records can be an important part of any sports team, but for the Lady Cards, it is something that has come naturally to them. The Lady Cards have broken six records over the last two years with help from Reinke and junior Emme Egan, who broke her own record multiple times this year.

“The feeling (is great) knowing that you’ve broken your own record and that you are making history at Southport High School,” Egan said.

The Lady Cards are very young with only two seniors and six underclassmen returning. and looking to be even better next year than this year. According to Jefferies, some ways they are already improving is by training during the off-season and coming in to do workouts before school. With the new incoming freshman class of next school year, some of the swimmers see this as another reason they will be even better next year.

“Next year will be a really great year for the team…. We are only losing two seniors this year, but we are bringing in a really strong freshman class next year.” Jefferies said.

 With the Lady Cards only losing two seniors, they will continue to improve. The state tournament for the Lady Cards was on Feb. 14. The Lady Cards finished their season by having a swim off for 16th place at the state tournament. Jefferies and others on the team look forward to next year with hope and excitement. 

“The program should be great next year and with all of the people they will make a big impact on the scoring from day one,” Jefferies said.