Music ‘n musings

Finding the motivation to keep going during these times is important


It’s been very hard to get back into a routine now that school has started back up again. The long spring break solidified a schedule of late nights and late mornings full of Netflix that was really hard to break when remote learning began.

I’ve been trying to establish a good routine for myself in the face of new assignments and deadlines, but it’s definitely been a bit of a rocky road that has required a lot of motivation. I’ve had to really push myself to stick to my daily schedule, and a song that’s really been keeping me going lately is “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder.

This fun, pop new-wave song is probably one of the most motivational songs I’ve ever heard. It is undeniably positive, as it describes pushing through towards the goal and not letting anything “break my stride.” The song itself is about a girl running away from someone in her past, but the overall aura of the song is pure, driving persistence.

Some mornings, I would much rather lay in bed and watch “Parks and Rec” than do my latest assignments. That’s when I turn on “Break My Stride” and immediately feel hyped-up enough to get out of bed and do whatever needs to get done that day. “Nobody’s gonna slow me down,” not even myself.

These last few weeks of being stuck at home have really caused me to allow myself to be washed over by the pain and uncertainty that surround the news cycle and social media. It sometimes feels easier to just sit around and be unproductive, but I know that that doesn’t really do anything good for anybody. “I’ve got to keep on moving,” and that’s why I’m forcing myself to stick to a schedule. It helps keep me busy and fight the senseless boredom.

My routine gives my day a purpose. There’s nothing like being able to cross something off the old to-do list, and once I’ve crossed everything off in my agenda for the day, I can begin to watch Netflix or play Minecraft without the nagging feeling of avoiding approaching due dates. I’ll admit, there are plenty of days that I would much rather sleep in till 11 a.m. and do nothing all day, but I know that maintaining this routine is important for my mental health. Because of that, “ain’t nothing gonna break my stride” as I move through the remainder of the school year. 

These are heavy times, but there are little things each of us can do to get ourselves through the day. Whether it’s establishing a schedule, keeping in touch with friends or taking breaks from social media, COVID-19 doesn’t need to completely break our stride. The chips may be down, but we don’t have to be.