More breakfast food will be added to the menu

Ema Robertson, Reporter

When many students at SHS rushed into the cafeteria after they came back from Thanksgiving break to get the usual free breakfast, they discovered a new choice had been added to the early morning menu.

French toast was the main item added to the menu. Students would rather have this new choice, than the other new breakfast food that was available.

Some students liked the new options, but the of breakfast item has already been removed.

Tresa Henschen, cafeteria worker at SHS, says the item that was removed from the menu already was similar to a Nutri-grain bar.

“We questioned a few of students and they weren’t very interested in it,” Henschen said.

In addition, SHS will still continue to add new items to the breakfast menu. More choices will be added after Winter break this year.

Senior Dennis Craig III eats breakfast at least once a week at school. He says more choices are great, and is better than having the same choices all the time.

“I personally think it would be great,” Craig said. “It would give a better choice to eat, instead of eating the same thing every day.”

Cafeteria workers are hopeful that students will enjoy these upcoming choices, and wants them to take advantage of the free breakfast that all SHS students are provided with.

It is not decided what choices will be added after break, according to Henschen. The school’s food company dietitian has not released this information, yet.