WRAL hosted Cardinal Ritter

Alicia Jones, Reporter

The SHS White River Academic League, also known as WRAL or Brain Game, hosted Cardinal Ritter on Thurs., Dec. 11 in the IMC and won 52-35, improving their overall season record to 5-1.

So far this season, WRAL has beat Beech Grove, New Palestine, Monrovia, Cardinal Ritter and suffering a loss to Shelbyville.

“It’s been a challenge for some of the subject areas that our team members haven’t taken yet,” said co-coach Mr. Brian Auger. “We do well with what we’ve had, and the fact that we’ve only had one loss in our league, it amazes me. It shows how well we’re doing.”

The team currently consists of six sophomores and one freshman.

The Brain Game, which is consisted of most of the same members as WRAL, went downtown last Wednesday and as of now will be hosted on WTHR on Jan. 17 at 7 P.M. They won their first match and lost their second.

“It was a good match considering we’re sophomores (and one freshman),” Auger said. “We’re holding our own.”

Practices consist almost every Friday after school, unless there’s a game they tend to not have practice afterwards.