Davey Fre$h talks about what’s behind his lyrics

Riley Hyatt, Reporter

The competitive nature of the Southport Spit Off on Dec. 5 inspired Mr. David Walpole to bring his ‘A’ game to room 400. His lyrics carry various meanings but all his raps have one thing in common. They all display his feelings.

“Usually when I’m thinking about writing lyrics I just think about the situation and the audience that’s going to be listening to it. I base everything off that.” Walpole said.

Davey Fre$h stands as a solo artist, contrary to his four opponents. Walpole listened to the other contestants perform to get a feel of his competition and says he wants to use his lyrics to prove he’s the freshest of them all.

“I knew it was a competition so I tried to write them (lyrics) about how I’m a better rapper than everyone else,” Walpole said. “I did it in kind of a funny way while also letting everyone know who the freshest out there is.”

After debating a topic for 2 to 3 minutes, It only took Walpole about twenty minutes to write his lyrics in quiet place where Walpole can think.  Walpole says he likes to be alone when writing

Walpole’s lyrics flow out of him onto paper and when he’s finished, the fine tuning begins. Most important for Walpole is making sure his raps flow. He has a specific sound in mind and if his song doesn’t sound that way when we he reads it out loud, he simply makes changes so he acquires his signature Davey Fre$h sound.