Family on and off the green

Sophomore triplets have shared a passion for playing golf since sixth grade


Grace Elder

Annika Chan swings away at regionals. She and her sister Naomi Chan both made it to the girls golf regional tournament.

The Chan sisters have always had fun playing together since they learned that they were able to. Since this it has helped them accomplish goals.

For the Chan sisters, juniors Naomi, Sophia and Annika Chan, their sports career has looked different than many others. They have all played golf together since sixth grade when they had the chance to. They love that they have this opportunity to all play together, since both their dad and brother played golf.

“Our brother played and our dad played…” Sophia said. “It was something we could all do as a family.” 

When their teacher told them that there was a callout meeting, the triplets thought that it would be a great idea to all play golf together. 

“I think it was sixth grade when we all started playing golf, and Mr. Manning was my teacher, and we all went to the callout meeting and,” Naomi said.

When on the course, they say they tend to push themselves harder because they are going up against each other, but they still like to cheer each other on, because  it gives them more enthusiasm. 

“We get along pretty well, of course we will have little arguments here and there but we enjoy each other’s presence,” Naomi said.

They are there for each other no matter what because they are siblings not just teammates while on the course.

“We get along very well on and off the course. They are my best friends,” Annika said.

Their parents have helped them reach their goals as well. Since the Chan sisters are all in the same grade, their parents have had to teach them good sportsmanship while on the course so they are kind to each other on and off the course. 

“They are always encouraging and supportive, and they will help me anyway they can,” Sophia said. 

The Chan sisters are so close that sometimes they have to branch out and talk to others, not just to each other.

“My family has always been there to support and encourage me throughout my life, including golf,” Annika said.