The importance of accepting different viewpoints

Friendships should not suffer because of differences of opinion


In the past, I lost lifelong friends due to a simple conversation quickly escalating into a heated argument. No member of this friend group had the ability to open up and listen to the other side of the argument, leading to the loss of best friends. Apparently growing up from elementary school to high school with them wasn’t enough to hold us together. 

Every member of society is given an equal opportunity to interpret and judge situations happening around them, and form their own opinions based on how they feel about it. Learning to accept others’s opinions can benefit everyone in many different ways.

Everyone has a person in their life that is willing to debate about any topic presented to them. Whether they are trying to make their claim for the best flavor of ice cream, the best team in the NFL or even presenting their views on political races, others’s opinions should be accepted. 

At the end of the day, someone’s opinion is just that, theirs. 

This idea can be applied at all levels of disagreement throughout someone’s life. Daily, my friends and I debate on the most recent phenomenon in the sports world, the most common of these discussions being the greatest NBA player ever.

Despite three contrasting viewpoints, the conversation never leads to the destruction of a friendship, as we are all able to accept other opinions. 

At times, we may find ourselves moving away from sports topics, and delving into political debates. Even with different views across many political questions, we have found ways to continue civil discussions. 

I truly believe that no matter what topic a friend group may come across while debating, these opinions should never be the reason people split apart. Someone’s opinions and political views shouldn’t define their character or who they are. The people we connect with should be decided by how they treat others.

Even with the discussion between my friends and me taking place a mere few months ago, I think it would’ve had a different outcome today, as I personally have begun to understand the importance of accepting different views.

As people take steps towards opening up to other opinions, friendships could be saved, and disagreements across society could take a sharp turn away from screaming debates and start moving to civil discussions.