Teacher quotes

“I love my job at Southport, and I know in the big picture we will get through this.” Math teacher Michael Johnson

“While I love SHS and students, it’s been made abundantly clear that teachers simply do not matter to anyone. It’s been made clear by leadership at all levels as well as society in general, and it’s very disheartening to see this level of not only disrespect and disregard, but outright hatred for teachers.” Anonymous teacher

“I didn’t consider leaving but I did get a second job. Last spring, I did Google what other jobs I could get with my degree. It was a really dark time.” Anonymous teacher
“I can make more money in a different field. And since the kids don’t care, why should I?” Anonymous teacher
“I have to ask myself every day if the stress and risk are worth it!” Anonymous teacher
“It feel more and more like students and parents don’t appreciate how much I care about the students and how much work I put in to teaching. I feel like I can never do enough, fast enough.” English and Speech teacher Heather Todero
“Everything that I do after this is over will seem so easy. Teaching all of my students in the classroom together will be much more appreciated on my part.” Anonymous teacher
“I think I will be much more thankful for the time I have with students. I have learned to adapt quickly and to let things go, and while I did consider leaving teaching, I believe this experience made me realize that despite everything, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” Anonymous teacher