‘It’s an honor to be recognized’

Principal Brian Knight was named District 7’s Principal of the Year


Emma Main

Principal Brian Knight is District 7’s high school Principal of the Year. Knight says he is thankful for the rest of the SHS administrative team and all of the staff.

When an administrator is recognized as Principal of the Year for their district by the Indiana Association of School Principals, they are eligible to be selected as the State Principal of the Year. The winner at the state level then has the chance to go on and be the National Principal of the Year.

Principal Brian Knight is currently in this position. Out of the 20 to 30 high schools located in District 7, Knight was recognized as the High School Principal of the Year. 

“I think it’s an honor to be recognized,” Knight said.

While the award is directed at the principals, Knight believes that it is a testament to all of the staff. This award gives him the opportunity to talk about the people in SHS that he believes helped him win the award. Knight thinks the diversity of the students, the teachers and his administrative team play an important role in his recognition.

“Sometimes as the leader, you’re the one that gets that recognition, but it is not by any means just because of the work I do,” Knight said.

Even though this award may come with some high recognition, Knight does not plan on having this prize change anything in his career. He doesn’t like to set timelines for his future and instead will take chances when certain opportunities arise.

However, Knight does not plan on leaving Perry Township. He thinks wherever his career may take him will be a position within the township. From his time teaching to being the Principal at SMS, now the Principal of SHS and having family at Perry Meridian, Knight believes he is incredibly invested in the township.

“It’s my community. It’s where I live,” Knight said. “I moved here from college because I wanted to be part of something, and I think the time and the effort and the commitment to that has taken me to some good places.”