Sports editor’s county tournament bracket


Brad Davis, Sports Editor

It’s Marion county tournament time. 16 teams walk into the tournament and only one team can win. Who will it be? Could it be Park Tudor (9-0) ranked number one in 2A and number two in the state? Could it be Pike (6-2) who has given everybody they have played major fits this season? Could it be North Central (9-0), whose only loss was by one point? Or could it be Southport (10-0), who can possess home court advantage through the tournament as long as they win the first round? You never know. This county could be considered one of the best basketball counties in the nation.

My bracket says it all. Southport will thrive on the home floor and win the tournament, but they don’t have an easy path to get there. They have to play Decatur Central opening round. And the possible opponents are Park Tudor, who won the tournament last year, Pike, Lawrence North, North Central or Roncalli.

Good luck Cards!