What Is Your Theme Song: A Yearbook Sneak-peek



Katharine McClure ‘17 listens to her favorite song during passing period.

Commotion of busses loading with football players surrounded senior Cardell Tucker, but he didn’t pay attention. The only thing on his mind was his football game. In order to get focused, he always listened to the song “Trials and Tribulations” by Ace Hood. Tucker chose this as his theme song because he said he identified with the artist’s struggles.

“He [the artist] went through so much in his life and going into a game, I need something to get me excited, get my blood pumping,” Tucker said.

Not only do athletes have a song that they go to for inspiration, but choir member, junior Brady Schuster, chose a song that inspired him. Schuster said that he sings the song “100 Years” by Five for Fighting to remind him to stay positive in tough times.

Schuster believes that the song has a deep message about living life to the fullest, and he uses that theme in his life.

“My teacher introduced me to that song, and it kind of inspired me to be the best I can be throughout my life,” Schuster said.

Even though teacher Mr. Daniel Jones has only listened to the song “Good” by Dave Barnes two times, he said it described his life at that moment in the year. Jones said the song reminds him to be grateful for how blessed he is in life with his family and job as an AP Human Geography and AP Psychology teacher.

For students like sophomore Katharine McClure, though, listening to their theme song does not necessarily have to be when in need of inspiration but simply to just pass the time.

“I usually listen to it when I’m in a car or something because I pass the time that way, or when I’m doing homework,” McClure said.
McClure said that the song “Do I Wanna Know” by the Arctic Monkeys is the song she found herself listening to most often.