Q&A with Tyler Chance


Q: Why did you choose to join The Journal?

A: I always found it very fascinating. The notion of putting together something that is both presented to the public but at the same time personal and felt very much my own was what caught my eye. I loved the aspect of the physical paper and that was what made me join but what kept me going was the other people on staff. It really felt like a little adventure every time we put an issue out.


Q: Why do you think The Journal is important for students? 

A: First of all, being able to tell a story well and being able to go out there, and talk to people and get the story done, those kinds of skills aren’t just journalist skills, those are the kind of things that you’re gonna be able to do and use in any kind of job you can take. It is the most practical way to learn some very good fundamental working skills, regardless of what your career might be. 


Q: What section were you in?

A: When I was in the photos section, I mostly ended up taking sports photos but when I became editor in chief, I was sort of all over everything. I was helping around planning and budgeting, I was writing film reviews, and the occasional editorial. I sort of ended up with my hands over everything my senior year. 


Q: What was your experience like?

A: My first exposure to The Journal was actually on my first day of school. I picked up an issue on my way in and it turns out, one of my friends was the editor in chief, so I got to know a little bit more about it as well. I got to take a photojournalism class my first semester and I actually joined The Journal staff the second semester of my freshman year. 


Q: What were your most memorable moments?

A: One of the biggest things I took away and that I remember, was when I took over as editor in chief after all the seniors had graduated. There were 12 seniors on staff that year before me. So, we wound up losing a lot of people that year. We started off with a bunch of freshmen and sophomores, a bunch of people who never really put The Journal together before. There was just a really small core group of us that had even one year of experience under our belts, but we were able to accomplish a lot and the staff was very close. 


Q: What is your current job?

A: My current title is product director and I am at the Wall Street Journal. 


Q: What is the best part of your career?

A: I hope I haven’t hit it yet but so far, working at the Wall Street Journal has been the highlight of it. Before I worked at the Journal, I was designing the Cincinnati Enquirer, so being able to have a frontline there and being able to witness the world unfolding through the eyes of a global newspaper has been fascinating. I love it. 


Q: What was your biggest accomplishment so far?

A: The first thing I did at the Journal was, serve on the committee at the Wall Street Journal that helped it win its Pulitzer prize. I’ve had my own achievement in the meantime but that one feels good because I got to help lift up other people.