How To:

Pursue scholarships

Step 1: Research

The way to get started with scholarships is research. There are several scholarships out there for many different kinds of students. When trying to find a suitable scholarship, look on the internet. There are different websites that can help students find scholarships that fit them.
“Even if you see a scholarship worth $500, that can go towards books or your computer,” guidance counselor Margaret Tidrow said. “So, apply to every scholarship because that’s money that you get for free that is given to you to help pay for your college or other schooling after high school.”

Step 2: Talk to your counselor

Guidance counselors can help with scholarships and applications. If students need help figuring out which scholarships to apply for, how to apply or any other information someone may need, guidance counselors can help.

Step 3: Apply

All students should apply to scholarships, regardless of GPA or other status in the school. While there is a huge number of scholarships available for seniors, there are also options for juniors.
“I definitely suggest for seniors each to apply to at least one scholarship each week,” Tidrow said. “So at the start of the school year, start applying for scholarships because, sure, you might not get every single one of them, but it’s bettering your chances to get more.”
With applying to at least one scholarship a week, it increases any student’s ability to receive one.


Tidrow also said a tip for anyone applying to more than one scholarship is to save their answers or essays. This is because most scholarship applications use the same or similar questions and prompts.