A multiverse masterpiece

Marvel’s new film “Spider-man: No Way Home” gives nostalgia to Spider-man fans


Art by Gretchen Turner

When the movie came to an end, I was left speechless. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was a cinematic masterpiece. 

The whole experience gave me so much nostalgia. I could feel my inner child sprouting out and I felt like I was a kid at Disney World. 

Growing up, I found myself watching all the Spider-Man series, and Andrew Garfield has remained my favorite Spider-Man actor. He is one of the main reasons why I love the Spider-Man franchise so much. Although he is my favorite, I felt that all the different versions of Spider-Man were wonderfully displayed in the movie. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with his witty remarks and humor was definitely one of the highlights of the movie. Tobey Maguire’s entrance was bewildering since he was the original Spider-Man. I thought that each spiderman was so unique and all of the actors did a great job portraying their own versions of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. 

Every part of the movie was amazing.

One friend of mine remarked that the directors did an amazing job of making every second of the film engrossing. I agreed and stated that it didn’t feel like the movie was dragged out. The most shocking scene for me was when Maguire and Garfield made an appearance on the screen.

 This felt so surreal and it was incredible to see all of my favorite Spider-Man actors on one screen together. Although there were rumors swirling around about all of them being on screen together, I didn’t want to have my hopes up and refused to believe it. When I saw that they were all on screen, it made me more excited and thrilled. It was both funny and heartwarming to see them all interact with each other. 

One of the greatest scenes would have to be when MJ fell and Garfield’s Spider-Man caught her. So many emotions were coursing through as this scene was played out knowing that Garfield’s Spider-Man couldn’t save his Gwen, but he was able to save Holland’s MJ. As the audience went wild, I kept replaying this scene in my head. It was both satisfying and a little saddening to witness Garfield’s redemption moment. I will never forget the look on Garfield’s face when he caught MJ.  

The ending was bittersweet. Maguire and Garfield went back to their world but I was left feeling disappointed and unsatisfied by the fact that everyone forgot who Peter Parker was.  

Although Peter had the opportunity to reveal who he was to MJ and Ned at the coffee shop, he refrained himself. This definitely signified Peter’s character development and growth . Although It was heartbreaking to see that they didn’t remember him, it was also understandable why he made the choice he did.

The only complaint I have for this movie is that, for the audience to better understand the references and the jokes, they had to binge watch all the Spider-Man films beforehand. Other than that, the movie was legendary. 

“Spiderman: No Way Home” is a monumental piece of filmmaking and one of the best Marvel movies so far. The directors, cast and crew did such a phenomenal job on this movie. It was everything I wanted and more.