New Snowcoming date differs from date advertised

Alicia Jones, Reporter

After talking to students in the school, changes on Snowcoming have been made.

Before first semester, the original date for the winter dance was Feb. 14, right on Valentine’s Day. Due to many concerns about it being on Valentine’s day and people not wanting the dance to feel like it had to be a couple’s dance, the student council and class officers changed the date to two weeks later, Feb. 28.

“We’ve never changed the date before because it was kind of a big deal because it was already in the signpost,” Mr. Joe Leonard said.

In order to change the date, they had to get approval from administration because of it being advertised as being on Valentine’s Day in the signpost.

Student council members, which is open to anyone who want to be a part of, and class officers meet every Thursday after school, and Leonard says they’ll be working on decorations, tickets, signs and flyers within the next few weeks to advertise.

Decisions on having a Snowcoming King and Queen are still being made.