Winter guard prepares for upcoming competition


Caleb Carrasquillo

Seniors Alyssa Freije, Troy Bridges and Becca Hall, and junior Angel Sanders raise their flags during color guard practice on Jan. 29.

Riley Hyatt, Reporter

The SHS students involved in color guard know that it takes much time and skill to master the complex choreography they are expected to perform. During fall color guard, members synchronize with the pep band, who they are supposed to “make pretty” as sophomore participant, Abigail Query, says.

However, during Winter guard, participants get the opportunity to focus more on themselves by competing in color guard competitions.

The next time the members will be competing is on Feb. 14. Their routine theme, invented by coach Joy Hess, is super heroes.

“I actually am a really huge Marvel fan,” Hess said. “I realized that it was getting really popular the past few years and I thought the students would have a fun time doing it.”

The choreography was created mainly by Hess, but Query says members of color guard are free to add their input to make sure their show is the best it can be. The choreography is somewhat special this year because the members are meant to “become super heroes” through their performance. Even a fight scene has been included in the middle of the routine to add a more dramatic feel to the scene.

Senior co-captain Alyssa Freije is glad that this year’s show, unlike the ones in years past, gives her an opportunity to be “fierce.”

“It’s a lot of fun to take a concept like (superheroes) because it’s so intense and its also fun at the same time,” Freije said. “We can be serious and we can be fierce. We can basically take any emotion and put it into this show”

Songs from the movies The Avengers, Prometheus and Batman have all been combined to create the soundtrack for the routine. Everything down to their costumes and makeup reflect the performances theme. Query is especially excited to see the uniforms for the show, since they haven’t arrived yet. Hess revealed that the uniforms will be different shades of grey with red accents.

But before members can step onto the floor, practices have to be held to perfect their routine

Hess says that, although they’re not ready yet, they will be fully prepared to take on their competitors at their next competition.