‘Ugh, as if’

Chick flicks are more than just a genre


“Clueless,” “Pitch Perfect” and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” all have one thing in common. They are a part of the greatest movie genre of all time: chick flicks.
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, chick flicks are defined as motion pictures intended to appeal specifically to women.
But that is not all that they are. Chick flicks are relatable, lighthearted and bring people together. They are designed to lift someone’s outlook on life or to just be something lighthearted to watch, without getting too deep or emotional.
Yet, chick flicks still have a majority girl audience.
There is no point in categorizing movies for just boys or just girls. A movie is a movie that anyone can enjoy it. Girls can like movies about space and action, and boys can enjoy movies with singing and relationships.
So many things are believed to be meant for a specific group of people. Why can’t people just enjoy what they are interested in without having to worry about being judged?
Watching different genres can expand someone’s knowledge and view on things. A majority of people tend to watch action movies but shy away from chick flicks, when truly they could learn and enjoy them just as much as any other movie.
Chick flicks tend to have light themes like family and friendships instead of darker themes. Like in the a popular chick flick, “Clueless,” the main themes in it are love and friendship. Or in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, the main themes are family and trust.
Having a light hearted theme in a movie teaches people how to be a better person. They show how actions affect others, how to navigate emotions and how to make smart choices.
This genre also connects all different types of people, without the fear of being judged. No matter someone’s age, gender or personality, chick flicks have something for everyone.
People tend to make fun of other people for watching chick flicks. They are often stereotyped as “too girly” or “too feminine.” When these hurtful things are said, it makes people insecure and not want to watch something that they may enjoy.
Chick flicks aren’t even girly. Sure, they are intended for the female audience, but anyone can enjoy them. For example, in “Pitch Perfect 2,” the Green Bay Packers made a special guest appearance. For a movie about a capella, it has something that even athletes can relate to.
Although these movies are not meant to be very serious, they still bring up real-life issues and relatable situations but in a humorous way that makes it pleasurable. Chick flicks are supposed to brighten the mood and bring stress-free fun.
In the popular movie “Mean Girls,” they often bring up the deep issues with eating disorders. While that is a serious topic and not something to poke fun at, they bring awareness to it with humor. And so many teenagers, no matter who they are, can relate to this issue. Using humor to bring awareness makes teens more comfortable and not feel like they have to hide it.
The idea that chick flicks are useless is a common misconception. The relatability, bringing people together and tackling important societal concerns are all qualities of the ideal film.
So, this summer when the new ‘Barbie’ movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling releases, the theaters better be packed. Everyone should stop stressing and just enjoy a lighthearted movie thats purpose is to make you feel good.