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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

‘A great opportunity’

Fall intersession serves as a unique study opportunity for students

During the cooler months, students spend their time stressing over midterms and endless exams.

To help with this constant stress, SHS is providing a fall intersession Oct. 9 through Oct. 12.

“A lot of students probably would rather be on fall break or at home, but it is a great opportunity for them,” counselor Annie Burris said.

There will be a wide array of courses offered to help the largest number of students possible. English, math and science courses will be available to all attendees, but there will also be classes for students involved in certain pathways. 

Principal classes such as human services and early childhood development will be offered alongside the standard core classes, helping a wider spectrum of students.

Attending the intersession is also a beneficial way to make up or get ahead on credits. Some students who attend an online program, like Cardinal Academy, can use this in-person time to make up their credits.

“It’s a great opportunity for (students) to try and earn some of those credits back,” counselor Lamot Rascoe said.

Even if students do not have any credits to make up, counselors still recommend going to prepare for the PSATs and SATs. Rascoe says that it is a good time as well as a good chance to acquire more practice skills for these stressful tests.

Whether it is for making up credits or a little extra study time, Burris thinks that everyone would benefit from going to fall intersession.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the students to come in and work on their classes,” Burris said. “Get them done.”

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Sophie Barnes
Sophie Barnes, News Reporter
Hey! I’m Sophie Barnes, and I am brand new to The Journal as a news writer. I am a sophomore, and this is my first year on staff. I was never really interested in writing for the school before I took journalism, but after the class I knew it was something I wanted to do. Besides Journal, I am on the Varsity cheer team here at SHS. I also have been dancing at The Dance Refinery for 13 years. Although I compete in almost all styles, my favorites are tap, hip hop and ballet. When I am not at practice, I love to listen to music. I guess I am one of those people who say they like all types of music, because my playlists are always changing. Lately I have been listening to a lot of ABBA and classic rock. I also love watching movies, especially with my mom. Some of our favorites are “Clueless,” “Mamma Mia!” and “Pitch Perfect.” My favorite food is definitely Cheez-Its, I could eat a box a day. I like white cheddar ones, but the original ones are such a classic. Anyways, I am super excited to be on staff this year!

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    lucy len dimDec 12, 2023 at 10:49 pm

    i loved the wording in this story! u did a great job tying together all of the different purposes of intersession. love this!!!!!