Stotan: Day 1


Junior Charlie Bradley

Alex Green, Reporter

As the winter comes toward its end, even though it does seem so right now, the spring season is just beginning to arise.  With the coming of spring comes a new season for sports. One sport, however, has a little extra before every season.

The baseball team has annual tradition known as Stotan. Based on the book by Chris Crutcher, Stotan, according to head coach Mr. Scott Whitlock, is about giving everything one has, not giving up and finding out what the body can do. This year marks the fifteenth year of Stotan and the second that there has been a delay to the schedule.

Stotan normally begins in the morning before school, but day one this year began after school due to weather.

Whitlock says that this really mentally messes with the schedule. The athletes and coaches are mentally ready to wake up early. But on the bright side, everyone gets to sleep in. Whitlock says the only other downside is that the students have to go the whole school day knowing they will be tested.

The start of Stotan this year began with multiple speed drills and weight lifting drills introduced to the team by fitness coach Mr. Clint Frank over the past month.  But it has all been adjusted to fit with the weather.

“Everything we do is important,” Whitlock said. “We’ve been concentrating mainly on speed the last couple of years. We got some of the strength components in from the weight room. Normally we would’ve done our full circuit, which on day one really tests who put in the time in the off season and who didn’t.  I think we got a little taste of that (Monday), and come (Wednesday) we’ll see who put in the time.”

Here are some photos from Day 1 of Stotan.