USI offers Alumni Scholarship


Grace Iang, Reporter

The University of Indianapolis’s “The Greater Indianapolis Alumni Association Scholarship” is a scholarship that recognizes high school students who have shown interest in the philosophy of education as a lifelong process. This award will applied by the US Financial Assistance Office towards the recipient’s tuition, fees and books while attending the University of Southern Indiana.

The recipients must bring an official high school transcript as well as a completed application which should either be sent or hand delivered to the University of Southern Indiana Alumni Volunteer Services at 8600 university Boulevard, Evansville, Indiana. They also must have a 200-word essay, along with all of the previously stated forms, in response to one of the two of the following questions: ‘Why are you interested in pursuing higher education?’ or ‘What course of study do you plan to pursue and why?’

The deadline for “The Greater Indianapolis Alumni Association Scholarship” will be on March 6, 2015. The recipients of the scholarships may also be required to participate in a personal interview with the committee members. If for any reason the selected recipient does not enroll at the University of Southern Indiana, an alternate recipient will be chosen to receive the scholarship in place of the original winner. If you have any questions, contact the University of Southern Indiana Alumni and Volunteer Services Office at (812) 464-1924 or [email protected].

Guidance counselor Mrs. Erin Shimp suggests to students that they should always try to apply for scholarships that they qualify for. If students do not apply, the scholarship money isn’t used.

“You should always apply for scholarships, always,” Shimp said. “If a lot of people don’t apply for a scholarship, the odds of you getting the scholarship go up. We’ve gone to many college campuses where they say there’s all kinds of money for scholarships and that people just don’t apply so the money sits there.”