Stotan: Day 3


Alex Green

Senior Bailey Julian

Alex Green, Reporter

Day three of Stotan is what the baseball team has been waiting for. After being delayed two days, the Circuit has always been a timed honored tradition.

The Circuit always begins with the task of performing seven stair laps in the fieldhouse. After completing all seven it’s off to the weight room. In there the athletes  had a weight circuit, which included doing 21 reps of several different lifts. Once complete, the team must do another stair lap, after which comes the floor circuit. During the floor circuit the team must do 21 dynamic planks, push ups, mountain climbers, slides, burpees, lunges and jumping jacks. To finish, after the floor circuit, the team wraps up everything with one more stair lap.

Stotan is truly a test of what the body can do, according to head coach Mr. Scott Whitlock.