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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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Single takeover

A group of singles is rising up to fight the upcoming holiday

Everyone knows the feeling around Valentine’s Day. As soon as Christmas leaves the public mind, the red of the next holiday runs like a swift wind through commercial stores around the country. 

This may excite some individuals, especially ones in relationships. This holiday is seen as a plus for these types.  Couples often get each other things like chocolate, flowers and stuffed animals.

“I love Valentine’s Day,” senior Celeb Bryant said. “It’s so fun for me and my boyfriend.”

Testimonies like that is where HSU comes in.Hopeless Singles United (HSU) is a national group that advocates for single’s rights and support. One of their main focuses is eradicating the celebration of Valentines Day. 

“Valentine’s day is one of the leading factors of single suffering. It raises up those nasty couples and makes them seem like the superiors. We, the oppressed, feel it needs to get gone.”

That statement was made by the leader of HSU Bobby Feined. He is a 57 year old white, single man. He started HSU back in 1991 when he said a hate crime was committed against him.

He has taken the group to many different places. And it’s not just people his age. He’s even brought it down to the high school and college level. 

As a matter of fact, a branch is starting here at SHS. The president is junior Angelica Grussen who has given up on dating. 

“Every time I try to get with someone, they always ghost me when they find out about my skeleton collection,” Grussen said. “Like, why does that even matter? I am being discriminated against.”

She says this is a perfect time for the club to start here because the holiday is just around the corner.  

“We hope to put a stop to this vile holiday that continues to oppress people like me,” Grussen said.

It is the mission of HSU to stop the hate against people of singleness because they believe they deserve the same respect people in relationships get. They find the abuse of people of singleness incredibly shameful to the people of the country.

HSU is very adamant about their stance on relationships. They will not stop until the perpetuation of relationship happiness is stopped. That mission starts with the eradication of Valentine’s Day. 

“I’m not a loser,” Feined said. “They’re the losers for having people that love them.” 

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