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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired


Parking lot power trip

Cops run the parking lot however they want

Many have noticed the increased protection around the parking lot and the halls. Cops litter the doorways and especially…the parking lot. 

These guys and gals have full control over the area students and faculty leave their cars throughout the day. Anyone who has experienced this knows exactly what it takes to be a driver in that warzone of asphalt. 

“I started riding the bus again because I just couldn’t take it anymore,” senior Jain Dough said with tearful eyes. “It was so scary. I can’t go back. I won’t.”  

It’s testimonies like this that prove the fear of the parking lot. But why is it so terrifying? Well the setup is where it all starts. 

Orange blockades make going in and out of the lot confusing and crammed. At the end of the school day, only one of the three exits is used. This makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to get home in a timely manner.

One might ask why the set up is like this. It is a question most people have asked if they’ve had the fearful privilege of driving to school. 

“It’s like that because I said so,” Officer Forrest Bauldy said. Bauldy is the man in charge of overseeing the entire parking lot operation. It is his baby. Though if it was a real child, he would probably be charged with abuse. 

“Look son, I know how to do this, and nobody else’s opinion matters but mine,” Bauldy said. “Basically I’m the best to ever do it, and I don’t care what some silly little kids think about how I run my lot.”

There has also been a resident officer around door 12. This is Officer Doug Shortie. He says that by camping at that door he can force students wanting to enter the school to walk around to the main entrance in the freezing cold. 

“It’s kind of like a game,” Shortie said. “I hide out in the parking lot and wait for kids to be let in. Then I charge the door and make them walk around.

When asked about how he felt about making them walk around in the cold, he said, “I don’t control the weather.”

This stern way of protecting the parking lot and the doors attached to it has definitely helped a problem students were facing. That problem was easily getting to class. These officers are enforcing rules to make sure students dread every part of the morning and afternoon. Both say it will teach lessons and make kids respect authority. 

Bauldy and Shortie collectively understand everything there is to know about how to keep a tight shift. So tight that it makes people hate them. And that is exactly the outcome they want. 

Therefore, keep on hating. They love it. It’s the only attention they ever get.

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