Stotan: Day 4


Britton Whitlock

Sophomore Dax Layton finishes up a sprint on the morning of March 5.

Britton Whitlock, Reporter

For the fourth day of Stotan, cardinal baseball prospects spent their morning doing what is called the “Olympiad,” which is a team competition. Everyone is split into four teams, and the teams have different drills to do. To win, the team has to get the best average time which wins them points.

Some of the drills include suicides, down-and-backs, box sprinting drills, relay sprints and finally, the mile.

The mile is the determining factor in which team gets to shower first, and which teams have to run more. Whoever comes in first place gets their team 29 points, and the amount of points goes down by one for each place after first.

The team that came in first was in last before the mile, but people on their team had high scores on the mile, so their end score was higher. They got to go shower after the mile, and the other teams had other drills to do, like rabbits, which is a drill where players are placed around the top of the fieldhouse and they have to catch whoever is in front of them to be done.