ISIS: underneath all the headlines, what truly is it?

Trinity Cline-Smith, Reporter

ISIS is not a terrorist group, but rather a religious militant group.

ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is a militant group that was originally associated with al Qaeda, according to ABC News. ISIS has “cut its way from Syria into Iraq and towards Baghdad using a combination of military expertise and unimaginable brutality,” ABC wrote in an article about the group.

Sophomore Brooklyn Utterback says that she has heard about ISIS on multiple occasions, but only knows a limited amount about the group. Utterback doesn’t watch the news, so she has only heard what people talk about around her. She hopes that ISIS does not come to the United States any time soon, or at all for that matter.

“It’s kind of terrifying and I don’t really know how to react,” Utterback said. “It hasn’t affected me personally, I just know that it’s really serious.”

ISIS executed over 1,500 Iraqi soldiers last June, as well as multiple Muslims for not pledging allegiance to the group. But, Mr. Nathan Fishel doesn’t believe that ISIS knows exactly what they want. Fishel knows that they dislike the United States being in the Middle East, but he believes that they are somewhat confused about it. Fishel also says that he doesn’t think ISIS will be coming to the United States any time soon.

“It’s hard to say (if ISIS will come to the United States.) I would definitely think that they have the capacity to send other people to the United States,” Fishel said. “It’s one of the reasons why the U.S. is constantly on the look for terrorism, terrorist cells, (etcetera.) They’re worried that that could happen.”

As of now, ISIS is not involved with the United States. They are a militant group in the Middle East that is keeping people captive and executing prisoners if they don’t agree or obey their commands. According to CNN News, ISIS is harder to fight because it acts more like a military and less like a terrorist group.