Long-distance relationships with good communication can work


Kibby and Fields smiling together before prom last year. The couple has endured a long-distance relationship since summer, 2014.

Alicia Jones, Reporter

14 million people claim they’re in a long-distance relationship, according to statisticbrain.com. For junior Haley Kibby and her boyfriend Logan Fields, they’re part of that 14 million.

Fields moved to South Carolina this past summer, a year and a half into their relationship. Kibby says that they’ve always been good at communication, and since they’re unable to talk in person, they use skype, phone calls and texting to talk to each other. However, the communication may come off differently at times.

Kibby’s best advice to others in a long distance relationship is to communicate with each other.

“I just think that (communication) is a good deal for any relationship,” Kibby said. “If you’re far away, that’s even harder. You have to put more effort into it.”

With him being a senior and only his immediate family being in South Carolina, Fields plans to come back after he graduates and go to college in Indiana. Kibby says when he comes to visit, it’s difficult for him to see both Kibby and his family.

During the summer, they went on vacation with Kibby’s family. He took a bus here to meet them, and Kibby picked him up at the airport. Unfortunately, he was only able to stay for the one week before having to go back.

They’ve seen each other one time since then.

For winter break, Fields came to Indiana again for what was supposed to be two weeks. His mom ended up saying he needed to come back home, but he didn’t return alone. Kibby went to South Carolina with Fields, and a week later she drove back to Indiana.

Kibby says Fields has been saving money for when he graduates to move back to Indiana and buy his own place. If he has extra money saved up by the time prom rolls around, then Kibby will be able to spend her prom with him once again.