Today’s pep session to be full of surprises


The newly elected booster club rehearses for today’s pep session. Photo from the SHS booster club’s twitter account.

Alicia Jones, Reporter

Later today, seniors Nathan Cooper, Lily Freese and Sarah Fowerbaugh will soon be handing off the “torch,” or in other words, the power of the Booster Club, to not four, but six juniors that will soon represent SHS for the next nine months.

These juniors include Brandon Baker, Shane Berch, Zak Brite, Joey Brunk, Trevor Coleman and Cooper Davis.

Plans for today’s pep session have been in the works for a week now, but they’re secret, they say. However, random students will be able to represent their classes for a game to determine a winner who will receive a prize that has not yet been chosen.

Brunk will be unable to attend the pep session today because of a basketball commitment in New Orleans later. The Booster Club says that this won’t change anything, and it’s good that there are six people because being one short won’t hurt them as much as it would if there were only four of them.

Brite says that between the six of them, they can reach out to just about every type of student, which is what they’re going to try to do today.

“Every student matters,” Brite said. “We’re trying to reach out to that kid that’s too afraid to go to games because he doesn’t want to be judged by his peers.”