State finalist high jumper still thinks he can jump to new heights


Ty Conatser, Reporter

Last track season, junior Charlie Stroub was a State Tournament Finalist. This season, Stroub says he plans to continue his stride, and help his teammates.

“My plan is to encourage my other teammates to do their best, put in as much work as they can,” Stroub said. “I’ve been working on it since the summer so, after State, I won’t say it’s been difficult, but it hasn’t been easy. We’ve been putting in as much work as we possibly can to get this season going on a roll.”

Stroub says that the Indoor State competition has just recently passed and he was the only finalist for SHS in the High-Jump event.

Stroub says the past five meets have gone well so far this year. Stroub and the boys Track team will, travel to Indianapolis Arsenal Tech high school this Thursday for their next meet.