Cards lose after having big lead

The Cards baseball team lost to rival school Perry Meridian 14-13 Thursday, April 23.  The Cards were up 12-0 by the second inning and the Falcons ended up coming back with multiple big innings and winning in the seventh with a bases loaded walk.  Head coach Mr. Scott Whitlock says that the team has never been in that situation before and it affected the teams play.

“We came out with a 12 run lead in the first inning and we had just things we hadn’t done all year,” Whitlock said.  “We committed more errors than we have all season.  I mean (there were) five earned runs out of the 14 that we gave up.  There are a lot of positive things we can take from this, but the bottom line is, that when it came down to it, we gave this game away defensively.”

Whitlock says that this is something that, if he looks back on all their losses, he can honestly say that that has never happened before.  He says the team has given away games on the mound and at the plate before, but never has the team given away a game defensively like they did Thursday.