Round two of Tuberculosis testing is just protocol


Caleb Caresquillo

MCPHD Spokesperson, Monica Heltz

The Marion County Public Health Department (MCPHD) came back to SHS for a second round of testing for Tuberculosis on Wednesday Aug. 5.

According to SHS Administration and the MCPHD, the second round of testing was nothing to worry about. They are not afraid of the disease coming back to the halls of SHS.

“This is just a double check to really make sure,” MCPHD Spokesperson Monica Heltz said.

About 100 students were tested on Wednesday, but no one thinks the disease has returned.

The MCPHD said that it is standard protocol to double check and make sure they didn’t miss anything on the first round of testing.

However, students found the testing to be frustrating and time consuming. Sophomore Nathan Bucker says that it was about a 20 minute wait to get his test done.

Some teachers also found the testing to be a hassle to the students.

“I think it was disruptive,” Kathleen Kundel math teacher at SHS said, “they had to come back and catch up what they missed.”

The second round of testing was the last for SHS students and administration.