New transcript procedure has advantages for college bound seniors


Caleb Carrasquillo

Ms. Judy Montgomery’s office can be found in Guidance, room 100H.

SHS has made a change in the way seniors will be able to send their transcripts to the universities of their choosing.

As seniors begin applying for college, their transcripts must be sent out. Prior to this year, students had to talk to the guidance office and fill out all their paperwork for their transcripts to be sent to the colleges, but now that they are available online, students can send their own transcripts without the help of the guidance office.

The biggest thing I’ll like to accomplish is that the students actually do, do it through parchment, instead of coming down here (guidance office) and going through the trouble of filling out the paperwork,” registrar Ms. Judy Montgomery said.

The state has required for all schools to transfer to parchment by July 1. Parchment is when the student’s credentials are online instead of on paper. This change was made to make the seniors and staff members have an easier transition.

As of right now, the website used for parchment is not available for the students to use but all transcripts are available to view on Skyward. If the transcripts are needed before the parchments, they are available to fill out in the guidance office.

Montgomery hopes this will make the the process of sending transcripts much easier for students who are applying to college and that with this change, the state and staff of SHS hopes that the information will to be easier to transfer from school to school.