Ms. Barbara Brouwer works to ratify sweatpants

On the first day of school, Principal Ms. Barbara Brouwer announced to all of the classes individually that she was trying to get the rules changed to where students could wear sweatpants everyday.The announcement was met with clapping and shouts of joy from some members of the student body.

Brouwer says she and the students of SHS have to work together to convince Assistant Superintendent of High Schools, Mr. Bob Bohannon, to change the policy.

Originally, sweatpants were banned because of the sagging issue that used to plague SHS, but some now think sagging has passed.

“We have so very few students that sag anymore,” Brouwer said. “The issue has been rectified in my opinion.”

Since dress code is a township policy and not a school policy, she must work with Bohannon, to get the policy changed. Superintendent Dr. Thomas Little will still have an imput on the matter but ,ultimately , the decision is up to Bohanan.

All four grades at SHS want sweatpants to be part of the dress code.

“I just don’t see why we’re not allowed to (wear sweatpants)”said sophomore Allie Owens. “I don’t think it distracts anyone.”

About twice a year, Little and Bohanan come to SHS and meet with juniors and seniors in positions of student leadership to discuss the happenings of the school both good and bad. Brouwer said that every year they ask her if they can bring up sweatpants and she says “yes.”

“It’s what the students want. I listen to the voice of the students,” Brouwer said.

However, since sweatpants are currently not allowed, teachers say they are enforcing the rules laid out in front of them.

Math teacher Mrs. Kathleen Kundel said that when it comes to the issue of sweatpants it really boils down to two points. Do you want to enforce that it is only high school, or do you want to get them ready for careers that are going to require them to follow a certain dress code?

“I don’t feel sweatpants are a distraction to the school day,”  Kundel said. “However, if we are looking for college and career readiness, …I think it prepares the student for what is expected of you.”

For now it remains in the hands of the students and Brouwer to try and bring sweatpants back.