Distance brings newfound love


When my sister lived at home, but specifically once we attended SHS at the same time, we argued frequently. Petty things would erupt into arguments of large proportions and we seemed to be spending most of our time together angry. When people asked if we got along my response was a consistent, “ No.” We disagreed on almost everything and had drastically different styles of clothing, music and friend choices, but after she graduated and moved to Muncie, Ind. to attend Ball State University, our relationship was strengthened and we created a bond with one another that I never thought was possible. Now, I can call my sister one of my best friends and I no longer dread spending time with her.

Now that my sister, Madison Hyatt, no longer lives at home, I cherish the little time we have together. My sister came home for homecoming and it was so special to have her there with me. She was there as I got my hair and makeup done and watched me take pictures with friends before sending me off to my first ever homecoming without my older sister. As I danced the night away and got stepped on repeatedly by girls in beautifully high heels, I found myself wishing my sister was there to share that amazing night with me.

Although Madison’s homecoming dance days have passed, she hates to admit that she misses me just as I miss her.

“It’s different from when I was at home…when I see her now I want to…make the most the most of the time that I have with her since I don’t see her very often,” Madison Hyatt said.

In an interview done by nwtimes.com, psychologist, Carl Pickhardt, said

“It neutralizes the old stuff out there. They can really appreciate the family relationship and the relationship with one another. The one out in the world feels like they’re out there, and the other one is interested in learning from her in ways they may have not been interested before.”

Just as the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Nothing can be more true with my sister and I. I anticipate our daily facetime calls and get a rush of excitement when I see the notification that my sister has snapchatted me. It’s things like these that truly give me joy and I’m more than lucky to have such a special newfound love for my sister.