PSAT more than just practice

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) will be taken by about 500 sophomores and some juniors on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at SHS. The test will quiz students over their knowledge of math, reading and their ability to write.

Some students see this test as being unnecessary and a waste of time, but according to SHS Counselor Tricia Bender, students should actually try as the test can lead to scholarships and other opportunities.

“One of the reasons to try is obviously the practicing,” Bender said. . “…because College Board provides all kinds of resources for students who take the PSAT. You get an individualized study guide based off how you do on the PSAT to help study for the SAT.”

Doing well on the PSAT can also lead to Nation Merit Scholarships. These scholarships can range from hundreds of dollars to a full ride to a college of your choice, according to the Nation Merit Scholarships website.  

Also, if you don’t score well on the PSAT you are required to take the Accuplacer, which is another test. This test which is taken in the spring is taken by students who still need to prove that they are college and career ready.  

Junior Olivia Tackit, who took the PSAT last year said,

“It was a little hard…(so) study. Study the night before so you can have it fresh in your mind the next day.”

For those walking in to take the test on Wednesday, Bender said to be sure to bring a non-mechanical pencil and calculator, get a good night’s sleep and to eat breakfast. She also recommends trying to get there early due to the mass chaos that she believes usually ensues while everyone tries to find their seat.