Cards fall in the Sectional Championships

Coming into the second round of sectionals, Seniors Evan Higgs and Kyle Williams were excited to play against Warren Central. However, the Cards suffered a 54-17 loss, ending the seniors’ last high school football game. Higgs thought that part of the team was focused enough to get the job done, but some of them still had doubts.

“Some people on the team didn’t have faith we could beat (Warren Central),” Higgs said. “I felt most of us were ready and some weren’t.”

Senior Luke Johnston finished the game with 16 complete passes on 26 attempts for 200 yards. Six of those passes were to Junior Blake Evans for 87 yards.

At halftime Warren led, 33-3. During halftime, Higgs says he was mainly focused on winning each play and taking Warren one on one. Higgs finished the game with 2 receptions for 47 yards. After halftime, the Cards scored a touchdown. That was the lone touchdown for the 3rd quarter. Coming into the 4th quarter, the Cards scored another touchdown. Warren scored two more touchdowns to finish the game. Williams thought they could’ve put up a better fight than they did and he was upset about how the game ended.

“That game was not a reflection of Southport football,” Williams said.