A letter to college coaches


“I can’t rainbow.”

Dear college football coaches,
Let me do you a favor and introduce Luke Johnston, the best high school quarterback in the state of Indiana. He’s a three year varsity starter who holds almost every single football record Southport has to offer but still doesn’t have any Division I offers. The only offer Luke has is from Marian University, and they’re a NAIA school.
Luke has done whatever he can to put himself out there. He’s been emailing you, lighting up scoreboards and shattering records. I don’t know what else he could do to impress you, so I’m advocating for him. Help Luke fulfill his dreams. Offer him a scholarship. I know there are Division I schools out there searching for their new starting quarterback.
As a coach you have endless amounts of film to go through. I understand that, but don’t overlook Luke’s. With the determination and poise he has, no matter where he goes he’ll succeed.
You want a quarterback that can throw, right?
Well, Luke can throw better than anyone in the state. It’s so simple to see how good he is. He lead the state in passing yards with 2,960 and had one of the highest quarterback ratings with 131.2. His stats alone should blow you away.
You want a quarterback that’s an athlete, right?
Well, Luke’s been doing something he hasn’t really done the past couple of seasons: running. He’s proven that he has the athleticism and versatility to run any offense you put in front of him. Luke has run the ball 74 times for 118 yards and two touchdowns. Luke’s a three sport athlete. Not only is he the starting quarterback, but he’s plays key roles on both the baseball team and basketball team.
Your quarterback needs to be a leader, right?
Well, senior tight-end Evan Higgs says Luke is one of the best leaders on the team. He leads by example. He has a great work ethic. His teammates see that and follow him. Luke knows what it takes to lead a team at a young age. He stepped up as a sophomore and led Southport to an undefeated season.
Ultimately, I think I know what you really want. You want someone who’s going to win games.
Luke is the most successful quarterback that has rolled through Southport. He’s 28-6 as a starter. Besides an undefeated season, Luke has led the 6A Southport Cardinals to two Sectional Championships. He’s proven that can go against anyone in the state.
Luke’s coach, Mr. Bill Peebles told Indystar that Luke was the best football player he’s ever coached and that he carried the team to the three best years in Southport football history.
One thing that seems to worry you guys is his arm strength. But I don’t really think you’re taking the fact that he’s a three sport athlete with not a lot of time to lift into consideration. Luke needs to get stronger, but he’ll have access to the best weight coaches and weight rooms in the country at a D1 school. That really shouldn’t be much of a concern for you. He’ll be on par with the rest of the country in a year or two. What you should consider is that he’s 6 foot 5, which is the ideal height for a D1 quarterback.
Recruiting isn’t just about now. It’s about the future. Maybe your team has a successful quarterback right now, but he’s going to be leaving in a year or two. Not only would your team have a successful quarterback, but it would have a back-up that’s developing into a D1 caliber starting quarterback.
Don’t be afraid to be the first D1 school to offer Luke. He has the drive and determination to win you games. He wants to play for you. Playing for a D1 school is his goal. So Indiana, Purdue, Texas, Michigan, step up. You all desperately need a new quarterback. Give Luke what he deserves.