Exposing the true indecency


Madeline Steward, Reporter

At this day and age, the world is constantly at the tip of our finger. Having this leisure has made this generation ready to share anything and everything right away, especially if it will get them more attention or degrade another. Recently on Instagram a new, disgusting fad has begun: Expose Pages.

These private pages are made anonymously, posting nude pictures/videos of people at specific schools or in specific states. The pages have gotten more than enough attention from teens and specifically students at SHS.

Some may believe that the people being exposed (usually girls) are in the wrong or should be looked down upon for sending these pictures in the first place. In my opinion, the people being exposed shouldn’t be degraded in any way, but rather the terrible people creating these pages and providing pictures should be shunned and despised

Clearly, the people who do create these pages must not have a very eventful life. I’m not saying I have some extraordinarily fun life, but I personally have better things to do than try and condemn other people. The people running these expose pages and creating them are doing it for attention. They are trying to fulfill their boring lives with some type of excitement.

Owners of these pages will post things such as “Shout me out or no follow” in order spread their page. If the page’s real goal was to actually bash these girls, everything would be public in order to achieve the widest publicity. At the end of the day, the people behind the exposing are just craving for someone to feed off of their product. They want to be in control and to receive the attention.

Not to lighten the malpractice of the owners of these pages, but they are still not the worst people in this situation. The people who are sending all of the personal pictures in to the owners of the pages are the ultimate evildoers. More than likely, the pictures were obtained through trust or even what had been believed as love. For someone to take that trust and throw it away just to partake in this fad or to get revenge is revolting. It only shows that individual’s true colors, which are ugly. According to mobilemediaguard.com, if the police were to get involved and the owners were revealed, they could possibly be charged with child pornagraphy. Speaking for myself, revenge and attention wouldn’t be worth the potential of being charged as a criminal.

Opening up to someone to show off something that is extremely personal and intimate shouldn’t be taken lightly. Now, I’m not supporting sending any nude media to anyone in any way, but if a person decides to do so, then so be it. It was their choice. Everyone has breasts and genitalia, and who they show it to should be their choice and nobody else’s. It definitely shouldn’t be used to get attention from others on Instagram.

Overall, everyone needs to stop giving these pages positive views and attention while making the exposed girls feel ashamed in themselves. The only fault the girls have done in this situation was trusting some imbecile who was certainly not worthy of their victim.

These repulsive, offensive pages need to be stopped. To all the girls who have been exposed on these pages, I really ask that you hold confidence in yourself because that’s something no one should strip you of. And to everyone else supporting or creating them, I truly am concerned with your morals, and I hope you see the fault in your bashful ways.