Body art doesn’t hold back a future


Caitlyn Kriner, Reporter

The more we progress in life, things such as tattoos and piercings become more of a controversial issue. Body art is typically frowned upon but is now seen as common accessory. Walking down the halls of SHS and seeing a tattoo is a lot more frequent than it would have been several years ago.

People tend to first think if you have your nose pierced, or even a simple tattoo on your forearm, it is more of a challenge to obtain a job or career.  Maybe that used to have been the case but now body art is universal.

People everywhere and almost any age have tattoos or piercings. The great deal of controversy between teens and tattoos has been a huge discussion, especially in a workplace. According to an online survey 70 percent of teens and young adults who get tattoos place them in spots not visible to future job employers or spots that can be effortlessly covered. There is an alternative exception they offer in a  that in a certain place of work, certain facial piercings are allowed with a clear ring in. Society has always perceived body art as unprofessional or unethical, I disagree, I believe body art does not impact a character.

Personally, I feel if you want a tattoo or a piercing on your body, it is up to you and nobody else. From my perspective body art is an art, It is a way to show everybody who you truly are and what you are passionate about.

As reported by, 31 percent of people feel further pleased in their own skin with the body art they have. It shows how comfortable and confident you genuinely are with expressing yourself and showing your true colors.

All in all, tattoos and piercings are a work of art and your body is the canvas. Express how you feel.