ISIS continues to dig its own grave


Mark Carlson, Reporter

There is regular stupid, and then there is ISIS stupid.

The Islamic State group has managed to tick off six of the top 10 military superpowers all at once, according to I’m not even counting strong United States allies on the list in Japan and South Korea. Imagine a high school basketball player challenging the NBA all-star team one versus five. Sounds pretty stupid right? Well that’s ISIS for you.

Kicking the bear while slapping the eagle (Russia and America), that is ISIS logic. They could even make their situation worse. I strongly recommend that ISIS invade Russia in the winter and wage a war of attrition against China. See how that works out. They have already angered the U.S. by committing genocide and they have called Vladimir Putin a pig. As of Nov. 13, they have turned the European Union (EU) from moderately militaristic into a coalition on a warpath after the chaos and tragedy in Paris. France has already responded by bombing ISIS on Nov. 15. Just wait for the rest of the EU to join in.

Backing up, I wonder why ISIS has done this. What did they think they could accomplish? Are they trying to take on Christianity and the Western World or do they have a different motive? I think that they are similar to a cornered animal. They have stopped gaining ground in Syria and Iraq recently. They halted in their expansion, somewhat coincided with the Russian Airliner going down that they have taken credit for. These resentful acts appear to be ISIS lashing out in frustration or maybe even fear.

Yes, ISIS might be afraid. Logically, they should be. Like I stated earlier, they are dealing with six of the top 10 military superpowers in the world. But, I think their problem comes from within. They have continued to expand their land since 2014 and at their peak, they only had 30,000 militants. Eventually their fighters are going to want to settle down. The United States rarely deploys soldiers for longer than two years to avoid burnout. ISIS is beginning to approach their two year anniversary, according to ABC news. If they are indeed losing manpower, they may be scared that they cannot defend their territory. It would be especially scary for ISIS leadership since they are believed to have little to no long range missiles and a tiny, outdated air force. This, coupled with losing ground troops, would make anyone one scared, especially going up against Russia and the U.S.

Basically, ISIS is losing. They have a limited number of possible recruits that is ever dwindling as they pull more to their cause. They also are sustaining casualties that further sap that number. They have an inconsistent supply line thanks to U.S. and their allies launching airstrikes. They are losing money as the U.S. is targeting ISIS’s oil trucks, costing them millions of dollars necessary to fund the ISIS war machine. Without money, ISIS cannot replenish the supplies that they have lost.

ISIS just needs to quit. They are on the losing side of a war that will end with every militant dead or in captivity. If their leadership was smart, they would go underground and leave the grunts to fend for themselves. But, just like with Osama Bin Ladin and al-Qaeda, they won’t go hide. They will fight until the bitter end when they get killed or captured. The only way they can have any peace is to turn themselves into authorities in an Islamic country and hope they just get executed. They won’t have the same luck in a Christian country.