Barnes and Noble book fair to benefit SHS library

Andrew Tapp, Reporter

On Friday Dec. 11, Barnes and Noble at the Greenwood Park Mall will be hosting a book fair, ran by SHS students and staff, to benefit the SHS library.

According to SHS Librarian Tara Foor, about 10 to 15 percent of the store’s income on the 11th will be going to help the SHS library. However, if one orders online throughout the entire weekend, using the code 11637089, the library will get a portion of that sale as well.

“How much we get all depends on the store’s revenue for the day,” Foor said.

However, the only way the school gets the money is if shoppers take a voucher in and show it at checkout. Vouchers have been placed all around the school in classrooms and can also be picked up on your way into the store on Friday. The vouchers are also reusable, so if you go and use a voucher, be sure to give it to a SHS representative on your way out to be used by someone else as the day goes on.

The book fair will be worked by SHS student volunteers and staff. Many come from the pool of library student assistants, but some also come from other clubs, such as Key Club and National Honors Society.  Some are just kids who hang around the library, such as junior Van Hnem.

Hnem said  she didn’t even know about the book fair until one day she was sitting in Foor’s office and Foor just randomly asked her to come help out. She will be helping by passing out vouchers, wrapping gifts and even reading to children that come to the event. Hnem said she is looking forward to gift wrapping.

“I just like going out and helping people,” Hnem said, “and it is wrapping gifts, which should be fun.”