‘Woodlawn’ Review

Jazlynn Stone

“This is bigger than football” is what is said throughout the movie Woodlawn. The truth is revealed within those five words, it is bigger than football. In 1773 Birmingham, Alabama segregation and the death of blacks was so common that it feels normal to Nathan (also known as Tony) and the Woodlawn high school football team.

In all respect, it started with one man named Hank . Hank took the time to talk to these teenage boys and teach them that they are not alone, to have faith and that God is with them through thick and thin. With some encouraging words, a prayer and the ending question of ‘do you want a change?’, hearts were turned, all except for Tandy Gerald’s, the head football coach.

The first football game was Ensley high school v.s Woodlawn, September 1973. It was the first game that Tony realized that he had talent, though his fear of getting hit by the other players was distracting him and the first game was lost. Yet with each game that was played and before every practice, a prayer was said and the Lord’s prayer was recited. Everyone started to believe in their faith and in God, and still couch Tandy was having a hard time believing into something or someone he couldn’t see.

Overall conflicts were resolved, faith was found by couch Tandy and Tony was recognized for his amazing talent. It was always bigger than football; it was making a difference in one school which made an impact on a whole community of people and sharing the belief in God and faith in one another.