Singing runs throughout the family

Jazlynn Stone

In their hometown of Chicago, there was an overwhelming feeling to impress the parents in the Perez family. There he stood surrounded by love and the joy with shining lights lining his face. Once he opened his mouth the surrounding sound of music escaped from his lips.

“…Even though it was my family and friends I was still nervous,” freshman Sebastian Perez said while explaining his first time singing in front of loved ones.

Perez has been singing ever since he can remember but his singing escalated when he was about six years old.

Though continuing to review his musical talent, Perez  does anything he can to express his musical talents and the benefits that come along with it. Without Perez’s sister talking him into performing for Coffee House he may not have had the opportunity to show off his talents.

“She is the one that talked me into it..” Perez said.

Although Sebastian is not the only elite singer in the family. His sister, Junior Kassandra Perez sings as well.

“In elementary school…I decided I should do choir because my parents thought it would be good for me,” Perez said.

With motivations and encouragement from their parents, both brother and sister strive to make their talents one of their priorities. The are motivated to extra activities such as Coffee House, musicals and plays.

“My first coffee house was in April of 2014…I’ve been doing it every time since then,” Perez said

To some it’s the lyrics of the song or even the beat that makes up a song, but to Kassandra it’s more than that, the sound of the voice and how it captures the audience.

“I feel like I was inspired by just the effect that singing can have on artist’s lives and…the effect that some of my favorite artists have had on my life,” Perez said.