Counting down the 5 biggest SHS stories of 2015: 3 Passing of the referendum

From the field to the court to the kids and more, these are the stories the Journal deemed most memorable of 2015

Hailey McKinney, Reporter

If it didn’t pass, Perry Township would’ve had to install 46 classroom trailers and dismantle 11 media centers in elementary schools across the township. It was the second referendum Perry Township residents were being asked to pass in the past four years and on May 5, residents obliged.

“It’s a demonstration of the community coming together to support the kids,” principal Barb Brouwer said. “We’ve first-handed seen the power of the referendum through our building renovations and how it has changed the climate and culture in our school.”

The township was seeking a $50 million referendum to pay for multiple school expansions.

“I think it just goes to show how much of a family [Perry Township] really is,” junior Destiny Neely said. “It’s the whole community coming together as one for the benefit of us students.”