Counting down the 5 biggest SHS stories of 2015: 2 SHS vs Evansville Reitz

From the field to the court to the kids and more, these are the stories The Journal deemed most memorable of 2015


Alicia Jones

Malik Bennet plays offense against a player from Evansville Reitz.

Hailey McKinney, Reporter

Thousands of screaming fans filled Southport’s historical fieldhouse on Feb. 28, anticipating an intense game against Evansville Reitz, the No. 1 ranked basketball team of 4A.

“The place was crowded and everyone around me was talking about how good this team was, so we were nervous,” sophomore and fan Treg Olson said.

Evansville Reitz was 23-0 at the time, averaging 94.1 points per game. Of the 23 games they played, no team had come within 14 points of beating them.

That was, until they played SHS. SHS beat Reitz 86-80,

“It was an exciting game and the crowds were hype,” former player Malik Bennett said. “We were playing against an undefeated team that had scored 105 or more in the last four or so games before us.”