The movie that is forcing people to be impressed


Madeline Hittel , Reporter

I had no idea that the Friday night when my older brother and I made our way to see the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” that I would fall immediately in love. Before, I had never watched an entire Star Wars film, toward the beginning of the movie, I was a little on the confused side. I know, I know. I’m crazy.

During the opening, where the current situation was explained through words, I was trying to read and understand so I got very frustrated because I could barely understand all of the new . Instead of trying to understand, I just tried enjoying the movie as best as possible. Throughout the entire duration of the movie, I sat on the edge of my seat, patiently awaiting each scene and the excitement it held.

My favorite scene would have to be when Finn, Han Solo, Chewy and Rey go to Maz Kanata’s castle. Seeing all of the other creatures was so interesting and exciting that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the screen. Also, I love that scene because of Rey’s encounter with Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. The flashback that she has foreshadows her fight with Kylo Ren and also gives the audience the idea that Rey isn’t who we think she is.  This is definite when she uses The Force on a stromtrooper when she is captured by Kylo Ren because Rey has seen the missing piece of the map leading to Luke that the orange and white droid, BB-8, has in his possession.

I think the graphics of this movie are absolutely incredible and so life-like. There were several times throughout the film where I actually jumped out of my seat and said “Whoa,” to the person sitting next to me (whether I knew them or not). As the movie went on, it became much easier to understand.
Overall, I give this movie four and a half out of five.