Meet the new secretary at SHS


Secretary Mrs. Jenifer Kalina

Leah Newhouse, Features Editor

From a hospital to a school, Jenifer Kalina made a transition from working with patients to students.

Kalina is the new receptionist at SHS but has 7 years of experience as a corporate receptionist in Center Grove High School’s administration’s office. However, before she stepped into a school building she worked as a receptionist in the medical world. Wanting a more flexible schedule, Kalina decided to work in a school setting.

“I really love helping the kids and getting to know them,” Kalina said. “It’s just always been something that I’ve enjoyed doing…I never really had the desire to be a teacher, but I love working in a school environment.”

Not only did she transition because of the environment but also because the school schedule gave her more opportunities. For example, she has been able to travel more with her husband. Together they have travelled to Maine and more recently, to California.

Because both Center Grove and SHS use the Skyward program, Kalina says that it has made her shift in schools a lot easier. She also says that the SHS staff has been very welcoming.

“Everyone has been really nice here and it’s just been a great week so far…,” Kalina said. “I really like what I’m doing and I look forward to continuing here.”