Parking passes have purpose

Ximena Sarinana, Reporter

Parking passes are bought by students that want to drive to school and park in the school lot. These passes inform SHS staff members that the vehicle is permitted to be on the lot. Many students at SHS have a car in the parking lot right now, but how many of them actually have a parking pass in their car?

About 50 percent of the tickets given out in the SHS parking lot have been for the absence of a parking pass. Even though the process of getting a parking pass is not long if the student has their driver’s license, insurance papers, and plate numbers for the parking pass, students still don’t do it according to Officer Steve DeBoard.

Parking passes are used to let the school police officers know who is allowed to be parking in the school lot. Without the pass the police officers might just assume that the owner of the car is not a student, or that the student is not allowed to drive to school. Also, if something were to happen to a car in the school parking lot the police officers could easily get in contact with the person with a parking pass, unlike the person without the parking pass.

“That way we know that they belong to our kids,” Martzall said. “It’s a way to identify our kids through that way.”

The student parking pass is only five dollars and it is much cheaper compared to other schools according to Martzall.

The five dollars goes to making the parking pass each year. They also use the money to help run the traffic officers outside during the beginning and end of the day.

 The school provides busses to take the students to school and back home, that is why parking in the school lot is a privilege for students and  is important to get one according to principal Barbara Brower.  

The consequences for a student that does not have a parking pass and they get caught parking in the school lot will have to pay a fifteen dollar parking violation ticket that could have of been prevented.